Are you tired of being a lap dog to corporations? Tired of spending your life getting nowhere in a dead end job? Want to go out and shoot people and get paid for it?

Then go get therapy, drugs, or some other form of ecstatic experience to help lighten up the drudgery of your everyday life. I don’t need your kind around here. The Shadows don’t give you an answer to any of those things. (Although you can occasionally shoot people while on the clock.)

Need a little discreet money on the side? Have a falling out in your life you can’t reconcile? Do you just need a little help? Looking for a job that pushes you to the limits and pays not nearly enough, but never leaves you bored? (I mean paranoid, but never bored)

Well, then you are in the right spot. Welcome to Postal Bill’s Matrix portal into the Shadows. Feel free to browse the sight for merchandise and services. Whether you are an armchair runner, or a long time acquaintance, I have what you need.

Hell, feel free to hack the sight. If you succeed, there are jobs and nuyen to be had. If you fail, it’ll cost you everything my hackers can get a hold of. Better yet, hack yourself a security account, and patrol my sight. If you catch a hacker, you get 90% of your take, and a free year of Premium Account Status.

Postal Bill Chronicles