Postal Bill

A gruff man in make-up, who reminds you of your favorite eternally pissed-off Uncle.


A man of a thousand grumpy faces, who tends to wear the same old clothes and armor over and over. Which is a bit reassuring, as it means he isn’t getting shot at much. He usually has a shotgun somewhere on his person, though which of his custom shotguns it will be is always a question. He has good posture and clear eyes, though its hard to read his face (other than his contempt for the world). You can’t talk to the man about business without him reminding you of all the ways it will get you killed. On the plus side, he generally gives advice on how to avoid those thousands of deaths.


Who he is, and where he came from were lost to the shadows long ago. Now his history is a compilation of rumors that simply haven’t been contradicted . . . yet. What everybody does agree on is that he has been working in the Shadows a long time, and has survived long enough to become an integral part of the Shadows of Seattle. A distrusted, suspicious, and possibly dangerous part of the Seattle Shadows, but really what part isn’t.

Postal Bill

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