So Money and Business. Can’t do one without the other. Bill Offers a wide variety of banking options from here.

You can create an Escrow Account <u>here</u>. Use this for contracts that will be paid on completion. That way the paying party has the money set aside, while the receiving party doesn’t collect it until the contract is complete.

You can get an anonymous account <u>here</u>. Just don’t lose your id or password. That’d be bad.

You can have money chips sent to you by clicking <u>here</u>. Once upon a time there was stuff called cash. Well, everything old is new again.

Get a one time transaction account <u>here</u>.*

Hackers: There is Black IC on all of this. Don’t make me kill you.

  • These services charge a service fee, unless you have a legitimate account with Bill.


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