Welcome to Postal Bill’s Grey Market Soft-Ware. Before you start your life of Matrix Crime, here are some things you need to know:

Grey Ware: We are soundly in between the black and white markets of software. The good stuff is that you don’t need to SIN, you don’t have to worry about viruses, and if you follow my guidelines, it will even update, and serve you for years, instead of months.

The down side is that it costs a LOT more than a pirated version. That is because the software is maintained, and actual hackers are maintaining their masterpieces. But this takes time, which costs somebody money. In this case, you. Also, all ware is Copyright Protected and Registered. What that means: Copy Right: If you crack it, I will personally crack you. † Registration: If you are messy, and leave a trail, I will know, but they will not.

There is a 10¥ charge for registering software, if you do not have an account.

All ¥ is seriously inspected, so make sure it is good yen in good accounts, or you will be burned. We use the Web of Distrust to verify you and your money.

† I know I generally encourage trying to hack my site, rewarding any hacker who stops you with store credit, and you with twice the credit if you succeed, but don’t fuck with the software.

R refers to the Rating of the program according to the Guidlines of Program Measure outlined by the Corporate Court in articles blah blah blah blah. (Look them up if you need to know what the terminology means, Chummer.)

All prices are given in Nuyen, cause I don’t take corporate script.

Program Suites & Custom Electronics:

User Accounts: (25¥ per month) Basic: Anonymous Account with back-ups of all purchased programs, secure data storage

(60¥ per month) Standard: Basic privileges, as well as access to more ware and additional services. Requires 300¥ for additional hardware and BOS-S

(120¥ per month) Premium: Standard privileges, as well as access to specialized customer service technitions

Boris Antivirus: 1.5K Analyze 5, Anti-Virus 3 Purge 5, Anti-Virus 3 (Ergonomic, Optimized)

Good Old Fashioned Anti-virus protection, based off Iris, but beefed up with Russian perseverance.

More-Than-Human Senses: 1K All those senses humans weren’t lucky enough to be born with.

Bill’s PFF Reader: Free for Members

BOS-S 1K (Cheaper the Nova-Tech Navi, easily a value of 6K) Operating System System: 6 Firewall: 6

Bill Tactless: 12K Tactical Network 4 specific to physical world

Years of shadow experience combined with the best Tactical Network that can be stolen.

Bill Nettack: 3K Tactical Network 1 specifically for Hacking

A small tactical network for three hackers to use for coordination.

Personal Protection: Rx1100/2200 Armor R Biofeedback Filter R (Crashguard, Ergonomic, Optimized 3)

You wouldn’t hit the streets without your armored jacket, you shouldn’t hit the matrix without this safety.

Life-Line: Rx1100/2200 Armor R Medic R (Crashguard, Ergonomic, Optimized)

Fuck’em: Rx1000/2000 Defuse R ECCM R (Crashguard)

For when they try to retaliate.

Manager IC: Rx2/4k Analyze R Medic R (Adaptability 3, Home Ground R, Expert Defense3)

This lovely piece of IC checks every new user as they log on, supervises transactions, and if the alarm goes out, sits back, and makes sure to heal or restart anybody who falls down on your team.

Body Guard Agent: Rx2.5/5k Armor R (Adaptability 3, Cascading 3, Expert Defense 3)

This agent is a perfect co-pilot for cruising the Matrix with, or setting up as personal defense on your home node. It is programmed to intercept any attacks aimed at you, and easily configured for additional duties.

Faithful Hound IC: Rx2.5k/4.5k Analyze R Track R Attack R (Adaptability 3, Cascading 3, Expert Offense 3)

Wanders about your node sniffing at any and everything. Will fearlessly track down hackers across the Matrix, tearing them apart like a voracious wolf.

Access Guardian IC: Rx1/2.5k Analyze R Encrypt R (dynamic option)

It specifically supervises any interaction with the Access Log, and keeps it encrypted.

Chickens IC: Rx2/5k IC R Attack R (Area, Armor Piercing R/2)

Fills your node with mindless chickens, that simply wander and get squished regularly. When active alert goes off, they attack everything on the node (besides what you have configured). Good for public nodes, because they make a great squawk right before attacking everything.

Hack-Saw: Rx1.5/3k Exploit R Disarm R Decrypt R (ergonomic)

All the hacking basics in one convenient suite.

Finder: Rx700/1k Track R Browse R Analyze R Scan R (ergonomic, optimized)

Looking for something? This will find it for you.

Delta: Rx700/1k Edit R Command R Corrupt R (ergonomic, optimized)

Change is the great constant. This helps you manage it at home and abroad.

Hide & Seek: Rx1.5/3k Encrypt Edit Track Disarm

Sneaksy: Rx1.5/3k Stealth R Spoof R Sniffer R (ergonomic, crash-guard, optimized)

The only thing better than leaving no trail at all, is leaving a hidden false trail.

Encrypticon IC: Rx1/2.5k Analyze R Encryption R

It provides standard Encryption to all actions. It uses unused processing power to Strong Encrypt with interval of your choosing. It automatically loads designated programs into archive files. Runs Analysis upon decryption of local files.

Crash & Burn: Rx1.5/3k Nuke R Data Bomb R (bio-feedback R, area R)

Set this program off, and get the hell out.

Chainsword: Rx1/2.5k Attack Program (Shredding, Armor Piercing 3, Rust)

Rapier: Rx500/1.5k Attack Program (Ergonomic, Armor Piercing 3, Targeting)

Shotgun: Rx500/1.5k Attack Program (Ergonomic, Area, Armor Piercing 3)

Sniper Rifle: Rx500/1.5k Attack Program (Ergonomic, Targeting, Armor Piercing 3)

Boomstick: Rx1.5/2.5k Data Bomb (Pavlov, Biofeedback) Corrupt

Designed to be added to data files, when this bomb goes off, it scrambles the data and the peeping-tom’s brain.

Adrena-line: Rx500/1k Medic R (crashguard, ergonomic, optimized)

Lovely little program that just keeps trying to make your icon feel better.

Night ‘n gale IC: Rx2/4k Analyze R Stealth R Purge R (Anit-virus 3, Area R)

An active version of Boris that washes away viruses, worms, and Trojans with cleansing rain.

Quicksand IC: Rx4k Analyze R Reality Filter R Stealth R (Adaptability 3, Home Ground R) (Optimized)

Suite IC: 55K IC 6 Cascading 3, Adaptable 3, Home Ground 6 Analyze 6 Attack 6 (Armor Piercing, Targeting) Attack 6 (Armor Piercing, Targeting) Track 6 (ergonomic, optimized) Not Recommended for Systems less than 3 Modeled after the Three-Musketeers, this IC can be as cruel or kind as you feel. It keeps watch aroud the clock, and flies into action as soon as trouble starts, checking for other intruders, double teaming the trouble maker, and finding out where he is operating from.

MalICE: Rx2.5/5k Agent R Replicate R Browse R Edit R Corrupt R Data Bomb R (Disclaimer: Please discuss in person with Bill before purchase)

Extreme MalICE Suite: 67K Agent 6 Replicate 6 Exploit 6, Browse 6, Edit 6, Encrypt 6, Stealth 6, Track 6, Attack 6, Armor 6, Pacifist 6 Optimized, Ergonomic, Limited (Disclaimer: Please discuss in person with Bill before purchase)

Com-Security: 300 Pass Key, Biometric Reader, and Linked Passcode Device

Hacker in the Box: Cost Rx7K Response: 3 System: 6 Fetch Module R Pilot R Browse R (ergonomic) Exploit R (ergonomic) Stealth R (ergonomic) Edit R Analyze R Decrypt R Command R

bold programs and equipment can only be purchased by account holders running BOS-S


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